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Formerly Wearables by b

Introducing WearEvers!

It's official! Wearables by b is now WearEvers LLC. I decided on this business name change to reflect my purpose and intention in creating jewelry. Every day is a special occasion and worthy of wearing whatever makes you happy! I've heard countless customers comment how much they loved the size and sparkle of my jewelry but have 'nowhere to wear them to'. That is how I came up with my new name - wear them wherever! There are enough rules in life, accessorizing shouldn't be one of them!

Web store currently paused!

There is a LOT that goes into running a small business and only one of me... so until things calm down a bit for me to re-supply my online inventory, I will only be selling in my store locations (see link below for all locations), various markets (there's a link for that too!), and on my social media platforms (make sure you follow me on instagram and facebook!)

A blog about earrings !?

A blog about earrings !?

I grew up in the blogging era. I've blogged about a lot but can't say I've ever dedicated one to just earrings! Well, there is a first for everything. Knowing myself, I will likely venture outside of earring talk anyhow, but I'll find a way to tie it back, just you wait and see!

My goal with this blog is to give you, my favorite people ever, a closer look at my business - the whole who, what, when, where and why! I don't know about you, but I am more likely to trust and support people/businesses that I come to know and align with personally. That is my aim here. 

You'll soon learn I am silly ... sometimes borderline inappropriate, but you have to take the fun where you find it! I juggle this passion business with a full time technology job and am owned by 4 cats and 1 derpy dog. If you've been around a minute already, you've seen my abundant collection of cat earrings! I am working on more dog ones ... I know, I know. 

This whole blog thing would be way cooler if you left a comment - then I could get to know you back! So to start this 2 way communication .. let me ask you a question! What type of content would you expect/want to see on a blog like this? Earring making process? Advice on how to pair with outfits? Best shapes for your face (hint: anything that makes you feel good!) ... just want cat pics? Let me know below. I'll be back soon, likely when procrastinating from my other life tasks.



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