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Formerly Wearables by b

Introducing WearEvers!

It's official! Wearables by b is now WearEvers LLC. I decided on this business name change to reflect my purpose and intention in creating jewelry. Every day is a special occasion and worthy of wearing whatever makes you happy! I've heard countless customers comment how much they loved the size and sparkle of my jewelry but have 'nowhere to wear them to'. That is how I came up with my new name - wear them wherever! There are enough rules in life, accessorizing shouldn't be one of them!

Web store currently paused!

There is a LOT that goes into running a small business and only one of me... so until things calm down a bit for me to re-supply my online inventory, I will only be selling in my store locations (see link below for all locations), various markets (there's a link for that too!), and on my social media platforms (make sure you follow me on instagram and facebook!)

3 months later ...

3 months later ...

Whoopsie. Realizing my last blog post was back in May.. where does the time go !? I started the blog for a few reasons - share more about myself and business journey with my customers and improve this SEO algorithm thingy. I'm not sure if I am succeeding at either, but I am trying! Unfortunately, blogging and other such activities often takes the back burner when you are running the whole gambit! 

First summer in business has proven to be challenging - some days a little demoralizing. I had my first 0$ profit event and a few that werent too far behind that. I was quite miffed as the beginning of the year (spring time) seemed promising. I am learning how much the weather is tied to market success - makes sense! I have not enjoyed sweating buckets setting up and breaking down my tent/supplies during these summer months but I wanted to try different opportunities out and learn what works for me. 

Now that we are FINALLY approaching fall, I have markets booked nearly every weekend September to December! I am already tired thinking about it but also super excited to move a lot of of my pretties to their new homes! I have not quit making new pieces as that is the FUN part of the business, if I just did social media and accounting, I would not have made it this long. 

I need to focus on getting more traffic to my website shop. Its tough out there! I'm learning as I go and I am trying not to place too many expectations upon myself in terms of success or failure. Its one big learning experiment and I'll look back one day and be super proud of what I created!


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