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Formerly Wearables by b

Introducing WearEvers!

It's official! Wearables by b is now WearEvers LLC. I decided on this business name change to reflect my purpose and intention in creating jewelry. Every day is a special occasion and worthy of wearing whatever makes you happy! I've heard countless customers comment how much they loved the size and sparkle of my jewelry but have 'nowhere to wear them to'. That is how I came up with my new name - wear them wherever! There are enough rules in life, accessorizing shouldn't be one of them!

Web store currently paused!

There is a LOT that goes into running a small business and only one of me... so until things calm down a bit for me to re-supply my online inventory, I will only be selling in my store locations (see link below for all locations), various markets (there's a link for that too!), and on my social media platforms (make sure you follow me on instagram and facebook!)

What is this all about anyways ?!

What is this all about anyways ?!

As I approach my 4th full month in business I thought it would be appropriate to give you a deeper insight into my business and myself. 

For the business name, I tried to be catchy and make it something that was pretty clEAR on what my product was. wEARables hit the spot! I could have left it at that but my closest friends call me 'b' and I would like you, my customer, to also consider me a friend. So, it was a pretty easy name to come up with. 

Why earrings? I am a total girly, girl (though when working from home and not having to be on video meetings you would beg to differ). Purses? nah. Shoes? not really. Jewelry? now we're talking! But, not just any jewelry. I love Tiffany and Cartier (I assume, I don't actually own any of it) but 1. It's not in my budget and 2. I lose stuff. a lot. It's who I am as a person. I don't buy sunglasses over $5 for this very reason. I'll take off my rings, earrings and necklaces and leave them anywhere I take them off and then the cat will side swipe it or it falls between the couch cushions ... moral of the story? To save myself unnecessary angst, I only purchase things I won't be devastated if I lose it. However, this doesn't mean it should be or look cheap. I still want (and deserve) variety and one of a kind pieces. Speaking of variety, I am the type who enjoys wearing a different pair every single day. Sometimes, I might wear two pairs depending on my evening plans! So having options is important to me. This is where wEARables by b enters the chat.

About a year ago my two tween nieces came to visit me one weekend and I bought a bunch of craft activities for us to do together. One of them was a clay kit. As it goes, they'd rather paint rocks (equally as fun) so I put the clay away for another day. Months later, I am home one evening and bored out of my mind and was searching for something 'artsy' to do.  So I pulled out the clay kit and made my very first pair of earrings. They ended up looking like ... crumbled biscuits .. but it was still fun to do and if you stood 20 feet away, you wouldn't know any better. It was more than fun ... it was therapeutic. Having always been a creative type, I NEED to be creating in some form or fashion to feel at peace. Hence my endless interest in nail design, hair coloring, makeup, interior design, furniture restoration, painting, writing, cooking .. you get the idea. Pretty much anything but cleaning - that's not my thang. 

A few days later, I made some more earrings. They were less biscuit-y and resembled actual earrings! That encouragement kept me creating and I spiraled down youtube how to videos and within days I had went from mediocre to half way decent! I gifted some as Christmas presents and got good feedback. I'd wear a different pair each day during my virtual meetings (my day job) and would be asked where they were from. And that my friends, is how it all began.

At the end of January, I decided to take on the full challenge of turning this craft hobby into a legitimate business. I learned how to build a website (what do you think?), registered as a LLC, and still learning a ton each day around how to operate and run a business!  If you have purchased from me, you likely share the same sentiment around wanting different/unique styles, reasonable prices and the overall 'look' of my wearables. 

I create what makes me feel happy and inspired. You'll see a lot of shimmer, sparkle, animals, nature, space and whimsical themes. I don't enjoy making things in mass quantity .. or really any quantity, so I only make 1 pair of any kind. You are wearing the one and only set! 

I don't know what the future holds for this journey but I am along for the ride and sincerely enjoying meeting new people in my community and sharing my passion for creating pieces that women wear to feel beautiful and special. Thank YOU for being a part of my journey! Until next time ..... -b.


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