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Formerly Wearables by b

Introducing WearEvers!

It's official! Wearables by b is now WearEvers LLC. I decided on this business name change to reflect my purpose and intention in creating jewelry. Every day is a special occasion and worthy of wearing whatever makes you happy! I've heard countless customers comment how much they loved the size and sparkle of my jewelry but have 'nowhere to wear them to'. That is how I came up with my new name - wear them wherever! There are enough rules in life, accessorizing shouldn't be one of them!

Web store currently paused!

There is a LOT that goes into running a small business and only one of me... so until things calm down a bit for me to re-supply my online inventory, I will only be selling in my store locations (see link below for all locations), various markets (there's a link for that too!), and on my social media platforms (make sure you follow me on instagram and facebook!)

Henna fun?

Henna fun?

What does henna have to do with earrings? Not a lot BUT depending on how my hair color turns out, some earring colors may really pop more than others! Do you consider you hair color when matching your accessories? For me, it really depends on my mood. Sometimes you wear what you regardless of any 'rules' but when I am going for a specific look or 'vibe', I will carefully craft the perfect look. Not only do I coordinate with hair color, skin tone and eye color can also be taken into consideration! Earrings with bronze, copper and shades of green really make my hazel eyes pop. Bright pinks and purples make my hair look more vibrant. It's really kind of neat how different color combos transform your look. I will have to upload some pics here shortly to show you what I mean! Anyhow, I thought as I wait for this henna dye to sit on my head for another 20 minutes I could draft a quick blog. 

I was quite busy this weekend! I had art markets both Saturday and Sunday! The weather was in my favor however the crowds were not! It wasn't a 'bad' weekend, but my first two markets really started off with a bang so I figured I could maintain that momentum. Like anything in life though it will ebb and flow. I have a live facebook event tonight and finally starting to get a hang of those - being at home with AC and wine has its benefits over sweating under a tent ;)


Stay tuned for some hair/earring pics - I'd like your thoughts!

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